{December 10, 2009}   Blog entry #16

The Results , discussion and conclusion section was the most helpful document during the research process. It guided me determine how I can connect the three sections together withtout lossing my audience in the process. For example the way I presented my results could be the same way I could discuss them. Therefore, organizing that section wasnt as intimidating as the previous ones.

I believe my second feedback was the most helpful because my whole drafted paper was complete. The paper as a whole had more direction and it was now a matter of focusing on one voice through out the paper and being able to edit the whole paper without questioning the end result.  The peer viewers had a more sense of what to look for in particular as they had done it once before. However they were more strict and accounting to every little detailin more depth. It made me question my origional organization of my paper and how I would present it.

The most difficult drafting process was editing my introduction because for every additonal source I included I had to make sure it went along with the thesis statement and having th ability to forecast  the paper.  Because the introduction was the firstsection any reader would read and to hook them in by the first few lines made me restrucure over a hundred times. The easiest was the discussion becasue now I could write what I thought in comparison to my results and literature review rather than restricting my self to the evidence I used in the previous sections. In my final draft I believe  discussion section shows my ability as a writer.


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