Stacks.G, Karper. E, (2009) Annotated Bibliographies,  Purdue University. Retrieved October 4, 2009 from


Writing an annotated bibliography

  • Is the summarizing of information or data collected from journals, articles, etc
  • When smmarizing we should look at what the main points points are and evaluating their relevance to assignment/research
  • Afterwards reflect on its usefulness to the main assignment/research


Haynie, D. (June 2008). Authorities move to shelter displaced foreigners. Mail and  Guardian News             

                   retrieved      September 30, 2009, from


This article reflects the majority of immigrants in South Africa and actually 3million Zimbabweans are believed to be here of which many don’t have formal documents. It causes competition for resources such as housing and jobs. This led to tensions in the community.

Hussan, I. ( 2008).  South African xenophobic killings may force FIFA to move the   2010 World cup to another  country.

                  The Eastern African Tribune . retrieved  September 30, 2009, from


If anti-violence persists in South Africa, FIFA might be forced to move the 2010 World cup. The concern is whether South Africa will be in a position to protect millions of foreigners who will be visiting for the soccer tournament.

 Ivan, I. (2009). Refugees fight to stay in one of the South African last battered  camps. Christian Science monitor retrieved september 30, 2009, from                             


Temporary camps were made to put the victims of xenophobia but of late some where gradually closed as victims either went back to the townships or native homes. Too dangerous to leave Blue Waters camp but the city council wants them out and has gone to court to seek an eviction order. Council officials have demolished a number of wooden shacks despite the recent poor winter weather, waving of South African visa requirements for Zimbabweans on 90day probation. President Zuma is sown in as president 

Johnstone, M. (2009). 90 day South African visa waiver scheme introduced for in  Zimbabweans. Global Visas.           

                  retrieved October 14, 2009 from        


The purpose for this waiver was to make it easier for those who would like to search for a job. Hence reduce the number of asylum seekers getting into the country.

Magubane, K.( June 2008), Academic unpack xenophobia. Mediaclub South Africaretrieved september 30 , 2009,



It opened minds of scholars to go beyond the basics and find out what the social ill was about. ‘Situation demands that we as academics use our scholarship expertise to engage in the search for short and long term solutions to these issues”.The scholars decided to tackle the issue from a Medias perspective, scholars’ point of view and learnt that tightening border control could have prevented it.

 Majavu, M. (June 2009). Xenophobia still smolders in Cape Town. Mail and guardian  news. Retrieved September

                30, 2009, from http://www.mg.co.za/article/2009-06-19-xenophobia-still-smoulders-in-cape-townships

“My worry is that my children are going to be slaves because they won’t have anything. These foreign people come to South Africa with nothing, but tomorrow he has cash, third day he owns a shop and fourth day he has a car. Where do these foreign people get this money?”

Business people from 4 of cape towns impoverished communities Delft, Masiphumelele, Samoram,  Machel and Gugulethu having been thinking of ways to ride the foreigners out of the community. The threats of handwritten letters accusing Somali shopkeepers having deliberately kill off their business. Violence has fully become integrated into standard politics of some townships, police dnt recognize violence in Somali areas. 

Potter, W. (July 2008). Xenophobia in South Africa, Attacks spread Fear among Foreign.  Nationals and South African

                  Minorities Suite101 . retrived september   30, 2009 from,  


 Current Unemployment Rate and escalating prices of essential Items and food stuffs due to the ever-increasing oil price has found South African nation harboring grudges against immigrants as their presence is a threat to the present and future employment opportunities and quality of life. Viligate actions being taken by lower income, unemployed and poverty stricken South African against foreigners settling within their communities. Many who have settled have resorted to entrepreneurial skills to survive. Military has been deployed by the government to assist police services. One of the reasons for the vacation of refugees from the Cape Town refugee centre is because refugees tried to gain access to the building. The increased crime rate around the centre began to intimidate business owners of the safety of their property and they decided to take it up to the council. The council filed a court order for their eviction. The Cape high court has ruled home affairs department has to vacate the premises by September 30 due the harm the centre is causing to nearby business in the area.

 Rander,(May 2008).Xenophobia gripping business. The Rand Today retrieved September  30 , 2009, from


 High rates of absenteeism especially the mining sector, mostly foreigners didn’t come to work. The National Union of Mine workers noticed the following discussion on the mining sector as they are targeting people who are well-trained and would take time to replace,” said NUM president Senzeni Zokwana.

Wendel, R. (May 2008), Township attacks chill South African tourism industry Mail and  Guardian News. retrieved

                   september 30, 2009, from


A whiff of panic surrounds South African tourism industry after a deadly xenophobic attack have prompted travel warnings from Western nations and led some Africans to cancel visits. 60% came from Africa to tour Soweto, yet alone tourism contributes about 8% of annual GDP.

Toll from Xenophobic attacks rises,(2008). Mail and Guardian .October 03, 2009. Retrieved from                


The United Nations independent expert emphasized a need for the government to dwell on racism after looking at the rise in xenophobic attacks. Apparently 62 had been killed and 670 wounded in the month of March. 52 of those killed in Gauteng where situated in the economic capital. The attacks broke out in the poor neighborhoods of Johannesburg concentrating on immigrants, including Mozambicans and Zimbabweans.


marlen says:

Hi Buhle, this is a great start to your anno bib. The references themselves, however, are incomplete and not in APA/MLA/CMS format. Please look at some examples of anno bibs online and make sure you are following the proper format in order to get credit for this assignment. Additionally, the annotations should be in paragraph format and don’t be afraid to quote things you may want to use in your research or compare an contrast various articles with each other.

mazurjessicapjqp says:

Buhle, I was going to say the same as marlen, but read his before I started typing. Look back at your blog #9 and take those tips I gave you about APA and redo this. If you take the time to write the information from the sources into paragraph form like your writing it in your paper you can just copy and paste it later on! Good luck with the changes and see you in class 🙂

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