Xenophobia in South Africa

Xenophobia is the fear or dislike of foreigners.  It could be shown through physical and verbal abuse. Since the beginning of 2008 South Africa has experienced violent attacks in the high residential areas.  Where majority of the immigrants are settled and being targeted as it is believed they’re responsible for the national harsh economic situation. In the heart of Cape Town, Paarl violence was at its worst followed by Johannesburg.

The government acted immediately by calling upon the military to assist in the halting of the attacks. Meanwhile relocating the troubled victims as the situation was getting out of hand when organized groups began burning down the houses the immigrants once lived in. A large number of them died in the process but most of were wounded as they were not aware of such mind sets. I would like to focus my topic on the changes that occurred after the xenophobic attacks mainly focusing on the economy. Hopefully it would lead me to answer the question “What are the economic effects of xenophobia in South Africa in the previous 2 years?”.

The background to this topic is that currently South Africa has 11 official languages. It is spoken by people of color with different cultures, hence creating diversity among themselves. Racism didn’t fall far off because since apartheid in1994 South Africa had been struggling to contend it. From the graphics of xenophobia, it seemed similar to racism as the victimizers seemed to target a specific group. As a foreigner I am interested in the way xenophobia could affect my life when visiting foreign countries. Research on the topic xenophobia has been limited to the period it has been affecting South Africa. But so far they have looked at the assumption that its gender related, mostly affected women because of their inferiority. Another research studied the cause relating it back to apartheid.

My research would comprise of analyzing articles and journals pertaining the effects of xenophobia and its impact to the economy. Especially looking at the policies passed after the attacks so as to look at the effect it had on population growth and response from the public. In my methods I would carry out interviews, questioning South African students currently enrolled in Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Possible questions would be have they experienced xenophobia? How has it affected them? What economic changes have they seen since they left South Africa? Hopefully I would be able to answer my question and draw up a conclusion from my results with reference to analyzed journals and articles.


  1. Introduction


1.1  Background

1.1.1        Targets of xenophobia

1.1.2        Population growth of immigrants

1.1.3        Types of documentation used to enter the country

1.1.4        Number of immigrants affected per day

1.1.5        Governments response to xenophobia

1.2  Thesis Statement:  The xenophobic attacks in South Africa have brought about some economic effects in within the past 2 years.

1.3  Explanation of the relationship between xenophobia and the economy

2.  Literature Review

                        2.1 Haynie

                         2.2 Potter and Rander

                        2.3 Wendell

                        2.3 Other Articles and Journals

3. Methods

3.1 Interview selected number of participants

4. Results

                        4.1 Interview Results

5. Discussion

                        5.1 Interpret Results and its limitations

                        5.2 Opinions to literature review

                        5.3 Compare results and literature review

                        5.4 Find collation and conclude

                        5.5 Foreseeable research

6. Conclusion

                        6.1 Draw the relation between xenophobia and the economy

                        6.2 Prevention measures taken to reduce the attacks

                        6.3 Summarize the effects to the economy

                        6.4 Answer research question


wolfemarknckn says:

It sounds like you are really excited about this topic, and you have a solid base of research to pull ideas from. I’d really like to hear more about how you are going to survey your international students: what questions are you going to ask, (what have their experiences been here at IUP dealing with xenophobia as international students, what parallels do they see between this and racism, what do they see being done/think should be done to address these issues at a universoty and/or a personal level…). Your idea is really solid, i can’t wait to hear more!

masilelabuhlebenkosinydq says:

thank you…I’ll consider your opinions and in my survey i wouldnt use questionarres because I feel it would limit the students from expressing their views. Instead i’ll listen to their opinions on the topic and how it affects them

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