Dear Marlen

Now that the semester is over I might just shed a tear. In the middle of the semester I found the work load about average because most it was practically done. It gave me some enthusiasm into writing my assignments in greater depth with more analysis. Rather than writing to just submit and obtain a grade. Most of the last theories broadened my mind into questioning why we were never taught this earlier. The probable reason was that the concepts were too hard for us to understand or we might have grasped them inappropriately. For example, feminism and queer theory both want some equality and better treatment to a certain degree.

            I began to think about Picasso in his artwork when he drew prostitutes naked on a street and got some criticism for encouraging lesbianism. However then art was objective rather than expressive. I also began to reminisce the fact that I went to a single sex boarding school for 4 years, I was confused by what they meant by having a fish and shark. These terms were used to call a junior and senior friend so as to deceive the innocent. But in lame terms it was lesbianism. Literally most of them were never exposed to it because they knew punitive compensations were the end result. But those who engaged in fish and shark were mostly feared group members of some gang as they had the authority to silence seekers.

While reading Middlesex I felt the edge that it should have been the first book to be read. Not that I want people to be scared about the class but I noticed people were tired of reading and never got the chance to discuss it in depth. If they never finished it you wouldn’t say anything about it. I guess they were slacking. This is because it had a different approach to structuring a story compared to previous books. As the author kept on reflecting on the past then to present each time he began a chapter. At times that was confusing.

As for color purple, it’s a classic that portrays women as machines or objects that never complain but do as they ‘re told. Yet reasoning only comes to play after a horrific experience as Celie showed that women are just hard headed and could only learn when pain has been inflicted so deep that hatred has turned into mercy. While Shug Avery learnt that a heart can’t be settled without the forgiveness of family. I saw that novels and movies are made different to suit the targeted audience.

 Further more, movies usually stick to the head than books; therefore I highly recommend more movies for future classes. Another helpful idea was when you assigned the class to pick images and write poetry about them. I found it more imaginative and helpful because what I see are my thoughts and what I think is more guided, than writing what I discuss as a group. I hope that you would give more assignments like that because at times I felt limited and restrained yet images made it easier for me to tell a story and bide by it.

The final project was the best, I enjoyed making it. It’s the only book I choose to decide what contents best represented my personality. When I was done I was impressed with my self and the time taken to compile it was unmeasurable. It’s a definite recommendation of reflection to progress and I hope you don’t change it with the upcoming semesters as part of your teaching techniques. In overall your class had teaching with meaning and life. Your hard work is greatly appreciated, as we would say “ungadinwa lakusasa,” meaning never get tired because tomorrow is a brand new day with more fruits. Thank you!!!!

It’s been an informative experience in the eng 202 class when drafting, editing and revising. Now I can truly say it has been worth the semesters work. Actually I tried to follow my first book for the organization of my work, seeing that Tim O’Brien used different time frames to make his work more fluent. But that didn’t seem to work for me, because he experienced war and was an established writer. Though it didn’t excuse me from finding my own genre of writing because what might have worked for him could have turned my paper the other way. The assigned books read help me see how authors present and organize their work, therefore hinting anything is possible.

 I found it hard to find my own voice especially in the literature review section. I think the probable reason was that I knew my research topic fairly well apart from reading articles and journals. I used to follow the news when xenophobia began and that time I was still at home. Now to only rely on what I found was even harder because all these ideas were already in my head and to differentiate it to my voice seemed impossible. At the same time I wanted to sound like I’m my own person in collation with what I learnt from my economics class. It was a challenge because I had to follow principle based handouts from online sources guiding particular sections of the paper. Each time I’ll find an article I would be reluctant to follow it until maybe the next day after you talked about it just to make sure everything was going well.

            One of my biggest challenges was following the additional sources you requested for us do summarize and apply when constructing the project.  One of my weaknesses was to follow instructions and deal with feedback. This is because everything was new and a lot of information was obtained from researching, to evaluating sources, to critically analyzing and finally organizing was competitive enough. It was overwhelming, now that I have learnt to take time and work on it when the heart is willing; I found it easier and not as difficult as before. I guess diligence and virtue are the key components to progress.  

            When I was Peer reviewing my colleagues work I noticed how different we all work under pressure and how much effort is put to make a final project together. Writing genres come easy to those who have a full grasp of their research sources than the rest of us. Hence, it helped me pace myself into visiting my errors. I also found out topics of interest vary to abilities in expressing ourselves. I think it also showed how much effort one is willing to take to inform themselves. In creating the portfolio, it instantly clicked to me that I was summarizing a semester’s work. Thank you for your patience and dedication, I greatly appreciate it. You make a great professor!!!!!!



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