before effects

before effects

My name is Buhlenkosi Masilela. My first name actually means ‘ beauty of a king ‘ and proud to be a ndebele, the tribe my parents were born into. I am intimidated by technology but managed to find my way to creating my first blog.YEY!!!  By nationality I am a Zimbabwean, born in the city of kings  ” Bulawayo”.  At present I am  happy to be and tired of  always packing my bags and travelling , for high school I was at a boarding school for four years.From then we used to have family trips to neighbouring countries (South Africa and Botswana) in which I felt like a nomad . At present  I am a sophomore in Indiana University of Pennsylvannia  majoring in Accounting, being an international student gave me perspective to understanding diversity of cultures.  Our limitations to abilities is communication  and how we view our peers.

My worst fear is creepy crawly animals, they give me the jitters. But I tend to have  the edge to watch them at times, sounds confusing I bet.  My best colors are yellow and metallic.  My motto is  ‘tomorrow is another day but don’t let it define you instead make it’. I have never been a fan of sports but of lately I changed my mind and have grown to like playing tennis. The reason could be only a few people are needed to play the game and most of the time its in a limited space. The only sport I watch is rugby but I can’t watch football . I am a fan of Springbok.

I never had a pet not that I never liked them but because my father didnt like them so I just got accustomed to not having the experience of having one. I would love to have one some day preferably a dog. The best season is fall because of change in color of leaves whichI find fascinating. Hope to have a smashing semester…


marlen says:

Hi Buhle! Let’s get your posts into categories to make finding your work easier. I recommend a category for each of the following:
121 Tests

Remember that a post can be in more than one category.


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