Dear Marlen

In the beginning of the semester , I found the expectations of the reading in class quite a handful because  there were so many concepts to  learn. but I have managed to manage my time  and I actually enjoy reading books now than before. Actually this is my first literature class ever, I had no idea it would be this intensive. What I really like about the novels you choose was that, it is not hard to notice the theme and they were self explanatory. I enjoyed reading all of them,  especially siddhartha because I began to question the way I view life and my religion because I felt like I’m only limited to what  I’m exposed to. Hence stepping away from my comfort zone is a huge step and siddhartha showed me that exploring ones own true self helps to broaden our level of thinking rather than narrow it.  Watership down helped me reflect on my journey by having similar trends. I noticed I my road of trials was when I had to finish reading the book in a short period and it took me forever.


Another teaching technique I observed that was helpful was the use of modern day art (moviesof the 20th century, clips from youtube, ) to illustrate a more refined understanding of the concepts of myths especially the belly of the whale. Literally I thought it was being caught in a whale rather than it being a metaphor. Now I know, theres more to it than the eye can see.  The definition of archtypes were truly confusing  at the beginning because they all seemed similar and a new word to my dictionary. Only after the second week did I find that they are just collective similar characteristics.  The group discussions have helped to kep a tab on how much we have read because at times its hard to throughly analyze all the work, so if I didn’t understand something they elaborate it.


When we watched into the woods, I was like wow that’s new. I hadnt really looked at the stories like that, I realized we all have a focal point were we cross paths directly or indirectly. At times  assistance is better than individualism, we are all connected in the circle of life. That was my favourite inclass movie and I found out that writing poems is one of the hardest things to do because you have to look at the structure of the poem; its content, length, what to include, whats relevant and what really expresses the idea your trying to potray, rather than free writing. I think the quiz’s are fine but the time period to really think what to jot down is small. I know if you know you would write something of substance but if you dnt know nothing is written.  But the point I’m trying to put out is, the time is limited and we need at least 5 more minutes to construct more tactful work and organize our work a little better.

My goal in this class was to learn as much information as I can and be able to reflect it to my daily life and get an A. So far I have managed to relate to it and everytime I watch a movie I would be like I learnt that in Marlens’ class. I enjoy all your lectures and love your teaching style its different and with a lot of enthusiasm. Keep it up marlen.

Yours sincerely buhle


marlen says:

Thank you, Buhle. I understand about the quizzes. I am so proud of all of the great work you’ve done this semester in both classes. I am both strict and challenging, and you have shown how well you can meet challenges!

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