My outline


  1. Interest for media


1.1  News


1.2  Documentaries



1.3  Apartheid


1.3.1        Origin and experience


  1. why did xenophobia affect a specific group?


2.1  foreigners


2.2  black more than any other



Why did racism play a companion?


2.3  Traits


2.4  Violence



2.5  Fear



  1. Research intention


3.1  show a relation between xenophobia and racism


3.2  analyze the difference between the two


  1. Previous work


Psychological effects on victims


Conference on racism


  1. methodology


5.1  data collection


5.1.1        articles and journals


5.1.2        pictures


5.2  interview


5.2.1        opinions of not more than 20 people



6 . Results


7. Conclusion


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