bibliography is a list of documents/other materials related to the specific subject


I. A list of materials someone has used while researching the paper, article or book

  • it provides citations to the work which would be arranged alphabetically by the authors last name

II. Separate work that stands on its own

ranging in length from less than a page to several pages. In a book a list of  work can be entered selective /exhaustive 


Each entry is accompanied by a statement which describes, explains, evaluate. At times abstracts can be used

It helps researchers find out about the extent  of materials available to determine the quality or usefulness of different books, articles and other resources.

Examining sources: thinking about what to say in an annotated bibliography

  1. authors: connection to subject, does it reflect personal/scholarly interest to the topic
  2. title: does it tell anything important about the work
  3. publisher:
  4. date of publish
  5. pages: has the author given enough space to topic

Structure of annotated bibliography


date of publication

time period covered


this information was obtained from lawrence university library guidelines to writing an anotated bibliography

Law Uni. 2007. Writing an annotated bibliography. Retrieved September 25, 2009



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