Method section

The main purpose of the method section is to acknowledge the effectiveness of media and its accuracy when you are at home country and when

 you’re away from it.

The participants for this study are 5 students currently enrolled in Indiana University of Pennsylvania who are of South African nationality both

male and female. This selection is done randomly and doesn’t cater for the major they’re enrolled in. The age group is from 20-30, the

interviewer explains the purpose of the interview which is to analyze if the impact of xenophobia deterred or distorted by the media. The

following questions would be asked;

  1. In your own words how would you define xenophobia?
  2. Have you experienced or know anyone who has experienced it?
  3. How would you describe the present state of xenophobia in South Africa?
  4. What changes on the economy have you seen or read about xenophobia from the last time you were home?
  5. What change  on the economy have you seen or read about xenophobia during the fall semester?
  6. From the ideas that you have what effect has xenophobia had on the economy?
  7. What relation does it have on your as a student?
  8. How has the change in the economic situation due to xenophobia affected you as an individual?
  9. Why is it significant to you knowing all this information about xenophobia?

10.  How would you respond to these xenophobic effects?

The above questions were obtained from pending issues on Mail and guardian newspaper article. Anxious readers were eager to know how

would xenophobia affect the economy as a whole and what measures would they have to take as individuals to prevent the attacks from

spreading. Some readers once lived in South Africa and were eager to know how xenophobia came to exist. After analyzing the responses to the

 above questions I then reconstructed some the questionnaires for this research. Interviews would be done by having the participant write down

his own opinions whilst answering the question. The opinions would be copied into basic question and answer on a Microsoft word document


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