Buhlebenkosi Masilela

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                                                                                                                                                                          Indiana PA 15701

                                                                                                                                                                         703 340 6518


The Journal of Pan African Studies

P.O. Box 24194

Los Angeles, California 90024-0194

Date: December 10, 2009

Dear Itabari M. Zulu

My name is Buhlebenkosi Masilela. I am currently an Undergraduate student doing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Academic interest in business is to understand the underlying concepts that have an impact on the economy when an extraordinary event occurs. For my undergraduate research writing course I chose to study the economic effects of xenophobia in South Africa in the previous 2 years (2008-2009).

Xenophobia is the fear of foreigners or strangers. In which it was expressed through the assault and battery of immigrants. My main concern was the relationship between xenophobia and the economy. The primary purpose of this study was to try and identify who was affected and what measures were taken to deal with the situation. The effects were chronological, as the government had to find suitable locations to settle the displaced victims. In turn this was the use of reserved funds to service such a big project. Because these xenophobic attacks were random and unorganized it came with more expense. By providing basic necessities for them, meanwhile those who were employed found themselves unable to attend work in fear of their safety.

  Resulting in high absenteeism in the work force area and decrease in quality and quantity of products.  However these resources became limited causing an increase in prices and reliance in inferior goods. By focusing on practical issues this paper also analyzes the policies that were passed to assist in border control because of the increase in population of immigrants. On the other hand the minority was concluded to have shown most resentment because of their poor living standards. Equally important the possibility of them hosting the 2010 World Cup would boost their economy through creation of jobs and foreseeable benefits. As this would be a positive change towards the economy.

 I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my paper. I hope my paper would try to enlighten readers the extent to which xenophobia has had on South Africa, despite its effort to increase diversity among cultures of different languages.


 Buhlebenkosi Masilela


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