{December 10, 2009}   blog entry #17

Future plans as a researcher is to take more time in doing a research paper and further pursue my topic in greater depth or research on weather the world cup was hosted by south africa and how did the economy change? As a writer I would be patient with my work and results. My proudest moment was when I was preparing for my presentation and being able to cut down and select what I thought was more relvant and of valueable to dwell upon. Also being able to measure how far I have gone. The first day of class would  always be with me . It is because then I had the choice of choosing to stay or drop the class. In which I was terrified to continue but what kept there was the anxiety to know my abilities and strategies marlen would play use.

The first day of class I was terrified and fearful of what was being thrown at me. All of the information was overwhelming and  seemed impossible. I told myself that one step at a time would make it better but that failed. I tried to make sure my blogs were updated but that didnt seem like I had time to revise and understand. It clicked that I  had to put more effort and change my reading schedule by allocating more time  to reading first before writing the blog. Then life seemed easier because what I wrote  in my own words made more sense than just scheming through for main points.


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