{December 4, 2009}   Blog #26

As we are currently watching Henry and June, there are archetypal characters I have observed  from the actors. For example Anais plays the role of an orphan who always seeks for more inspiration to write about her book.  The moment she meets  Henry her sexual desire for him begins to appeal to her. His  every move makes her curious, but when she finds out  he has a wife called June. She wants to know how can that be, but as they get to spend time together as  couples she finds it queer about their sexual anxiety for each for other. June seems striking to her as she appears to be bisexual in Anais mind. This is so because of the way she acts and that was queer to her, as she never met an individual with such enthusiam. The fool may appear to be Anais’ husband as he sees the change in his wifes behaviour but doenst say anything. June appears to be the ruler at the time because she gets her way with her husband and seems to have more freedom than expected in the time period of when the book was written. She seems to have power over her husband Henry.

For my poem theme I choose to write about the feelings I get from Anais’ perspective about June and Henry. She feels jealous about their sexual realtionship because Henry seems passionate about having sex and pleasing his woman. He takes charge and doesnt hesitate.


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