{November 20, 2009}   Blog entry #25


  • A novel /written work whose subject is the moral, psychological, and intellectual development of a main character.


  • its a  narrative poem, concerning a subject with details of heroic deeds and events significant to self or society

Currently the novel middle sex is a Buldsroman  novel that looks at Greek family called the Stephanides who find themselves suffering the consequences of marriage within the family. The fifith chromosome is a genetic element in the family that makes it hard to identify her gender. In which Calliopine the only daughter of Milton and Tessie who feels was robbed of her real identity as a male instead of a female. The circumstances she was born in werent allowing for her/him to acknowledge that right. In this journey she goes on to find out her family history and the past deeds affected her. By doing so she realizes that it was a long lonely road from her final destination where she finds how cruel human beings can be, especially when they dnt know who or where you’re? She runs away from home thinking that her life is doomed and because of her, the family is suffering. The doctors who want to make a scientific experiment do not know what is wrong with her. Caliopine is the main chracter who changes her name to Cal because she feels trapped as a man in an unindentified body. The emotions she has are mixed because as a man shes expected to watch over her self but as a woman shes taken care of.  By running away from home; her mother becomes ill with worry and doesnt understand why her own daughter wouldnt open up to her, causing her father to act irrationally. She doesnt have the reasoning to think that her actions have consequences and that a new journey is beginning  i.e. self preservation from the  cruel human beings who only think of themselves and what they going to benefit from her whether sexually or mentally.

Her epic side is shown when she met Zora and found out  she wasnt the only one who had mixed ideas about her gender and began to open up to her about her past, journey to san Fansisco and the reason  she ran away from home..  Her threshold was returning home to only to hear of her fathers death and how he died with a heavy heart. Her mother was ill from the time she left.


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