{November 20, 2009}   Blog entry #15

What I learnt from peer reviewing:

1. Writing and editing

  • The people I edited have different writing styles to suit their audiences, as well as make their paper flow with some exceptions to the terms that they have targeted acording the genre.
  • Editing is a lot of work becasue what may seem appealing to the author may not be understood by me
  • when ediditng you first need to read through the paper at least twice and then begin to make comments so as to gage the  tone of the writer
  • there is no one way for making a paper flow as long as the ideas are made clear and not confusing

2. My actual research paper

  • I need to watch my sentence construction and grammar
  • It needs more work and analysis of sources carefully so that the audience doesnt take time in understanding what I am trying to say
  • It needs constant self editing
  • I have to keep my audience in mind and refer to my thesis statement when I feel like I am moving away from my topic
  • Evaluate the depth of my sources and relevance to the paper
  • My paper needs a structured literature review that ,makes my voice heard
  • method section is in past tense not present 




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