{November 19, 2009}   Blog entry#24

Queer (strange/odd) theory

  • is the re-evaluation of identity politics and categories of homosexual and heterosexual

Feminist theory

  • critique of male power and ideology
  • belief of equity among gender

In the color purple

The women who showed feminism were Shug Avery and Sophie in the beginning of the book. By  paving way for Mary Agnes to claim her name and Celie to stand up to Mr Albert.

Feminist theory was observed when Shug Avery wanted her father to accept her for the sinner she was. As he believed that women can’t base their lives on liberation and sexual identity. While Nettie fought to be literate under her step fathers watch; but Celie was ill treated into being robbed the right to be loved, educated and sexually pleasured.  Her sister Nettie taught her to read and write even though it was against Mr. Albert’s wishes. When Shug Avery learnt that Celie had grown up submitting to the male s ideology of thinking and torture, she decided to take it upon her to teach her that life is full of taking what is rightfully yours with open arms. The queer theory was shown when Shug Avery began to have sexual encounters with Celie. Celie began to develop feelings towards Shug and had never felt them before. She then understood that she was attracted to Shug because each time she saw her with any other man she felt jealous and wondered if they loved her the same way she did. In doing so, she questioned her sexuality because of her past experiences with men and sexual encounters. Now that she found a woman who embraced her with kindness and love, she thought differently of what love and sex meant. Therefore, found it enlightening to be with a woman than men.  

Middle sex

It transits away from feminism but moves to queer theory.

Calliopine Helen Stephanides was born with a fifth chromosome, which wasn’t detected when she was young. Hence she was raised as a girl but thought and felt like a boy. The doctor who delivered her didn’t notice she had two sexual organs and passed her as a girl. The most frightening thing was how she discovered her identity, in her thoughts as a child she knew something was wrong but couldn’t put a finger to it. Though her parents knew before her birth that this fifth chromosome was genetic but weren’t sure which generation would deal with it. In Calliopines journey to self she didn’t know which category to label herself as she felt afraid to open up to the world, as the doctors were confused on how to handle her case. But she was bisexual at adolescence as she slept with both sexes.



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