{November 8, 2009}   blog entry #23

The color purple

As anticing the book may be the movie is worth watching. We see Celie as an orphan and innocent archetype because she is always seeking the meaning of love, peace and a place to call home. As a child she hass endured sexual assaults from her step father who refuses to see her as child but a woman who needs to taught her rigthful place. Tormenting her to see her self as ugly inside and out. Which makes me wonder, what defines ugly. Is it the physical aspect of nature or the being that we build ourselves into. As we see Sophie realting to Celie how she used to fight the male dominators in her fathers house but wont allow it in her own home. We begin to see Sophie as a warrior achytype when she fights and talks back to Harpo when he wanted to show him who was the master of their house.

The two characters of Sophie and Celie define ugly as who and what we let people allow to do to us. Therefore we have a choice to mould and change the perspection of ourselves. Sophie was ugly when she used violence to voice her opinions and Celie was ugly not to act upon her suffering and ill treatment. Though she may have looked ugly she had a lot of strength in her  to endure all the heartache and suffering. My theme for the poem is taken from the first moment Shug Avery layed her eyes on Celie and remarked ‘you sure is ugly… ‘ This is because , it aint one of the first remarks you would expect a stranger to say straight to your face.


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