{November 2, 2009}   blog entry# 20

the master of two worlds

This is when the hero has managed to master the inner and outter world from his own zone.

In Lord of the Rings, Aragorn, Isildur’s heir, takes the his rightful position on the throne of Gondor and is crowned King. He receives the responsibility of protection in the world as Gandalf passes from Middle Earth.

 Another example is when siddhartha is made the keeper of the ferryboat by the origional owner, after he understood how to listen and talk to the river whn he is looking for answers to the unanswerable questions of the world therefore using natures aid to complete the the Journey.

The poem  found was written by peter franklin (2000) titled ‘go to the river’

 can sing of a river, echoing its ceaseless flow,

The sound as it gurgles round rocks

Then rushes through occasional locks

By flowered meadows where rushes grow.


I can write of a river with ever flowing words,

Tell how dappled evening light shines

As burnished gold from distant mines,

Use lurid rhymes to paint those water birds.


But if you have never seen that glory,

Not heard the rush of water on stone.

Nor seen a Kingfisher dive from the sky.

None of this will paint the full story

That is beyond words and music alone.

Sit quiet with a river, then you’ll know why

I chose this poem because it reflected the concept of experience is the best teacher. Two worlds are obtained form this, one where you were innocent and didnt know much of the worlds expectations. But once you experience them life is obtained and viewed from a different perspective because what we learn lives with us until we die. Therefore the worlds of knowing and innocence can be relived but with a greater aspect to determination and courage. Especially when, how and why use them.



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