{October 30, 2009}   take home quiz

I have always struggled with my weight since I was in elementary school and  its restrained me from the person I believe I could be.  Because most of the time I had a low self esteem, thats how i managed to be always the quite one and non existent. In the beginnng of the year I told myself I want to change and shed it off, I have managed to do so and go down about 3 dresss sizes…

The monomythic stages I have choosen to illustrate my sound tracks are

1. The call to the adventure- Dj sbu for a reason


I was tired of who I was

2. Supernatural aid- alicia keys -superwoman


My mother told me I had more strength than I knew because I was her child who never gave up on anything

3.Crossing the first threshold-chingy ft tyrese- pulling me back


When I began taking charge of my decision, everything seemed impossible. I wanted fast results but I forgot time  and patience were supposed to be virtue. Letting go seemed easier but after the first month I could feel the weight being taken off

4. Belly of the whale-adele-chasing pavements


When i would have mid night cravings but starving myself was unthinkable.

5. The road of trials- Leona Lewis-what ever it takes


Trying to reduce  the intake of take aways and fatty foods but now  it comes naturally






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