{October 27, 2009}   Take home quiz

Movie-Cast away

Chuck  crossed his first threshold is the first stormy night at sea tackling the masses of waves. In which, he uses an arc he had built to sheild  himself . The  belly of the whale is reflected when the final separation from the heros known world and self. Its shown when he posses a moment and watches the island distance its self  from him as he rows his raft.  The magic flight is the supernatural aid he receives from the whale. The significance of the whale was to guide , alert  and direct him to safety. This was seen  when it spat out water and made noise when Chuck was unaware of what was happening for example, when Wilson (the volley ball that had a face on it ) floated away . It woke him up  when he was weary and sleeping on the raft. He had to choose between his companion and his chances of survival , in which he choose the raft meaning he had to sacrifice  a friend .  A big ship passed by and without the assistance of the whale it would have went by spitting water on him to wake him up. The rescue from without is shown when the crew in the boat  rescues him from his death bed and assist him to get back to his actual family and everyday life. He didnt know the owners of the boat but they still helped him. Seeing that in the first place a mode of transport (plane ) got him into the middle of nowhere and another mode of transport (ship) got him home.


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