{October 27, 2009}   Blog entry #18

Rescue from without

This is when a hero is recued from a final plight by an unexpected source. The rescuer maybe someone who had previously abandoned the hero or someone the hero doesnt know.For example, in the lord of the rings, Frodo, is unable to destroy the ring by himself needing Gollum’s help to complete the quest. Soon after  Frodo and Sam are rescued by the eagles. Another example, is in lion king when Rafikee approached him and guided him to find the reflection of his father that it was always with him. In doing so he realized that he had ran away from himself and it was time he went home to reconcile with his family and take the throne from Mufasa. His companions Timon and Pumba had taught him to live life as simple as it could be and take courage when it calls for it.

It is also reflected when Siddhartha  returned back to the forest after tasing the riches of the world and its power. He had found himself wanting and not complete and that the woods were are form of relief and complete happiness. He sought to return there because that was his home, Sidhhartha didnt expect to be found by Govinda his long lost companion sleeping on a path, weary and drained. Govinda awaitedon him until he woke and spoke of how their lifes had changed and its impact on their lifes. After talking to each other only then did he realize he was home.

The poem I found was written by Diane Morgan, 1996

I am the bridge
Between what was and what can be.
I am the pathway to a new life.
I am made of mush,
Because my heart melted
When I saw you,
Matted and sore, limping, depressed,
Lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.
For one little time you are mine.
I will feed you with my own hand.
I will love you with my whole heart.
I will make you whole.
I am made of steel.
Because when the time comes,
When you are well and sleek,
When your eyes shine,
And your tail wags or you purr with joy-
Then comes the hard part.
I will let you go– not without a tear,
But without a regret.
For you are safe forever.
A new animal needs me now

She indicates the love for her pet led her to free herself from him. From the earth that the pet came from she cared for him and she will willingly let him return to his origional state but without any dispare she would comfort herself with another because her journey is incomplete with out a compainion. The reflection is seen when all of as sudden the death of her dog enlightened her to move on with life.


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