{October 27, 2009}   blog entry #17

the magic flight

This is when the hero has to return home after the knowledge and treasure he has gained after the ultimate boon. The example we gave was when shrek had finished his quest to save princess fiona, accompanied by donkey to help him overcome obstacles on the return home, he returns home with the prize (fiona) in hand. The final stage of his journey  is supported by the supernatural patrons


The poem I found was by Baxter Smith titled Rumblings

The stone sparkles, blazes, lights the eyes
pulls the dazzled to its flame
its cold fire encircles and imprisons its victim

Trapped by a rock too valuable to drop

So it goes with things that glitter
objects as symbols of whatever
the fashion, the rage, the hoopla
the gasps of the multitudes
the glance of the arrogant

The deep dark of the forest at night
is broken here and there by shafts of silver light
apparitions appear, nymphs and wights
fairies dancing into and out of sight
the Moon and trees conspire for mortal delight

Romantic melodies temper the dramatic shades
of silk, lace and shapely skin in a soft mist
the blemishes are forgotten in the hardpacking of years
the persuasive dreams remain, the glitter and the smoke
or are simulated in empathetic memory
The sleeper wanders in the fog of his dreams

Dark splashes of leafy shadows on the sunlit ground
are quickened and tossed by windy illusion
A reflection of an unseen force gives life to a reflection
a metaphor animates it all: shadow on shadow
reflection on reflection, metaphor on metaphor.

The author illustrates that in our time of dispare and in a journey where we find ourselves lost . We should look at life from a different point of by and not be narrrow minded because the path we seek is right in front of us. There fore following the light for direction and symbols for hope, would help us return home.



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