{October 26, 2009}   blog entry#16

The refusal of the return

From this concept a hero sets out for a journey and when he has accomplished it. He is expected to return home to share his knowledge but if he finds that this new world is better than his old one, he would refuse to return home. Hence he would not go back home. For example, if  I am to go for a summer vacation by the beach I would not want to return home because its so peaceful and calming. The atmosphere is inviting and intriguing,  no other place would seem better off.

I could relate to this when I went for my first summer camp at willow park. Its a summer camp located a few miles from bulawayo with a resort. I was so far away from home and about 12 years old. I enjoyed mountain climbing, bon fires and boat riding, every thing seemed out of the extraordinary.  In this journey I had to find the meaning of self and survival of the fittest. I grew as an individual and learnt to lean on my self but to count on others for support, by doing different tasks such as tug of war and walking on ropes.  The fact that I felt  freedom  and independency for the first time life seemed like it couldnt be better. I even asked to extend the days  and lucky enough I was granted the extra few days.


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