{October 23, 2009}   blog entry # 21: ballad

A vacation lease

A gentle warm breeze, blows as the sun sets

As soothing as the muntain dew trickling down the fall

Captivating the colors of the sun

Under the gazebo, away from life


Reflecting on the past few weeks

Day dreaming about, What I’m going to leave behind?

Laying on the sandy beach

Tanning under the african sun, in sun city


Resorting to the calm atmopshere

I could almost taste my own happiness

Smiling at my own reflection

As the night gulps the light


I wonder what lies beneath the day after tomorrow

A world of chaos, stress, speed

Awaiting the return of its lost child


I don ‘t want to be found

As my new home captivates my spirit

The air I breathe consumes me

The path I walk  to is straight


I’m not about to trade it for my past

For my past demoralizes me

I therefore refuse to turn my my head back

And be slapped by my guilt


End to see the sun rise above my shoulder

Is an Abomination

I shall not terminate the lease


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