{October 20, 2009}   Blog entry#15

Emily Dickinson -is one the greatest american poets who dwells on the nature of immortality and death, as well as lifes impression of austerity and simplicity. She imposed self seclusion on her self

Virginia Woolf- is a  english author, feminist who dwells on gender relations, class hierarchy and doesnt seclude her self from the public

Lady Murasaki-japanese first modern novelist and sought seclusion from the public in her last few years on earth. She writes about vivid accounts of her daily life and the attitudes she receives from upper classes  of society

Bell hook-is a feminist thinker, her writing focuses on a broad range of topics such as gender, race, teaching and the significance of media for contemporary culture

Gloria Steneimi is a feminist activist, organizer, writer and lecturer

The common thing about  all these writers is that they were great in their own time and were recognized for their effort. By doing so they paved way for change in which women are being perceived right now. They all want to be heard and listened to for the cry for equality and freedom.

The poem that I found was written by Emily Dickinson titled ‘I died for beauty’. I died for beauty illustrates how much effort was put to liberate and equalize genders. Their beauty was measured by their capabilities , voice and actions. The truth is measured by their courage which makes them one. As kinsmen met at night  to discuss the verdict indicates how much thought was out into deciding and measuring a womans worth. If it was equal to a mans work and only then did the decision made. The lyric sung by Alicia Keys titled superwoman shows her feminist side, staing humanity.  A womans strength is unmeasurable especially when she shows care for her family as it is  quality that is instilled not developed over night. When she refers to sisters shes toning down her voice to generalize every womans courage is recognized and its time to be catered for.


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