{October 19, 2009}   Blog entry #14

Jekkel and Hyde- jekkel manages to seperate two natures of man. Good and evil, by experimenting on himself. Meanwhile he finds himself with those two personalities having Jekkel the good and Hyde the evil.

Elle is a law student who tries to prove the innocence of her client Brooke for murder. Chutney is trying to act like the innocent victim who knew what happened the day her father was murdered but in actual fact she killed her own father. So as to frame Brooke because they were of the same age but brooke was her step mum and hated the idea of having to live in the same house.

Dave and Hal-Hal is the most reliable computer that has ever been built, is sent to the moon and is able to respond to human questions and instructions. Dave is the co-opearator of Hal, a malfunction occurs to the extent that Hal becomes disobedient and refuses to follow orders from Dave.

Bewoulf and Grendel- Bewoulf is a warrior who must fight and defeat Grendel. Grendel is a monster who terrorizes civilians in the town and seeks revenge when he discovers that his mother was killed.

Gilgamish and Enkidu- Gilgamesh is a king who be friends Enkndu and begin to take on adventures together. They manage to kill a demon humbaba.

The common theme is that good and evil can never work together, one has to dominate. Man is always fighting and against something or someone, that if they find some one that doesnt look like them they immesdiately think negatively against them. It is also in their nature to act defensively and act upon the  theory of survival of the fittest.

The poem I found was written by Robert Frost titled Fire and Ice. It illustrates that the strength of both notions is measurable by the strength of the opponent. In high temperatures fire is more dangerous than ice because ice would melt but under low temperatures fire would burn out and ice would form dominate. Therefore they too are always at war.


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