{October 16, 2009}   take home quiz on monomyth

My monomyth cycle has always been revolving around my subconcious and has grown to be attached to my living style. Ever since I was in first grade, I found myself with no voice to air out my views. Wether it was to stand up for myself or have authority over my fellow students, it was too overwhelming  and mindful. Even If I was to be put on the spot light and carry out the tasks diligently, I simply sprung up back to the back like nothing happened. As many at times I found myself just being picked on without hesitation but that led me to be withdrawn from the real world. Thats when I refused my first call to learn my capabilities.

The first threshold  I encountered was when I was shipped to boarding school  at the age of 13 and from then on I have been on the road. I had to learn to adapt to my surroundings but the problem I had to face was making new friends because I was attached to my old friends. I was too afraid to make new ones, not until I learnt that I cannot spend the next 3 months without talking to anyone and made my first new friend in high school called Nkosi. I learnt we were both down to earth but she had more courage than I had. As she managed to make more friends sooner than I did.

My belly of the whale when I was supposed to  read a short story infront of the whole school. I believed, how hard would it be since I always read in class every day. Everybody didnt know that I stummered because they never heard  me  read in public, I also felt it right before I began to read but it ws too late to change my mind so I had to continue. But with practice I stopped stummering because I had to learn to over come my fear. I felt like digging a hole and not resurfacing afterwards.

As the years went by  I was tempted to stay out late, especially during the summer breaks and hang out with my friends but my father was a strict man.  For the most part I was used to living away from home and it bothered me why couldnt I live freely. However I still had respect for him, even if I managed to go out once in a while his permission.

My father used to take us to south africa and botswana to visit relatives. My moment of apothesis was when I went to visit my grandfather in Botswana, he had a lake at the back of the house and a farm. I hadnt seen him in years so he had a big feast made for us and it was a tradition to honor the oldest child who was present for being collective and acknowledging the presence of older people. For one I had managed to be the oldest at the time and was pampered for a day.


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