{October 16, 2009}   blog entry#13

To be a hero an individual has to put them selves in someone elses shoes to understand the meaning of need , suffering and wanting. Especially to find their own self because its only through experience when we learn the meaning and significance of life. In my home country Zimbabwe public transport is the most reliable transportation system. Everytime we board buses or taxis we learn something about ourselves and the people we meet.

The policy in buses or sitting zone is standing up for the elders and giving them the right of way all the time with no exceptions. Most of all in respecting them, one saturday as I was from a cafe heading home an elderly couple approached and asked for assistance in need of bus fare. I never hesitated giving them, not beacause of pity or obligation. But the atmosphere they brought with them, a sense of calmness and level of content. I gave them willingly with no question asked,  it felt like they longed to be home.

But a couple of days later an older woman approached me and said ‘ My dear you will succeed in everything you do’. I was shocked from her because she just said it out of the blue because I least expected it. I chose this moment because in order to be a hero you do not need to strain yourself because a little effort goes a long way. Being a hero you sacrifice what you have for another person be it how small or big as long as they can benefit from it.

The poem I can relate to is titled’ If I can stop one heart from breaking.’ by Emily Dickson. The relation is that a hero may act upon his actions due to sympathy  becasuse his heavy hearted by what he sees and feels that by acting change may occur. Prevention is better than cure, as a hero we have choices to make and that may affect a great number than anticipated. Even though no reward is made, acknowledgement is greater.


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