{October 15, 2009}   Blog Entry#12

Every moment counts but they all dont have the same impact on the way we would want them to be. Apothesis is when one is  being made  to be divine , its usually a moment that your work/ effort is recognized. Personally I dont like being put on the spot or have everyones attention at my grip, it unsettles me even if its a positive outcome. My moment of apothesis when I was made a senior advisor in high school for prefects. Being given the authority to delegate my colleagues  into various tasks accordingly and being responsible for their actions was a huge task. 

But the moment Iwas called upon on stage to be recognized by the rest of the school made me feel anxious and thrilled at the same time.  Most of the students were delighted because  they seemed to perceive me as their role model. I found it weird, as i never saw myself that way as I was more of a laid back individual. In the moment of glory I was asked to say a few words but I dont think I said much that was of substance. Afterwards all students were being curtious and acknowledging my presence. Which I enjoyed when it lasted, as  for the rest of the year they were diligent and more respectful students.

A poem that reflects my moment of apothesis is ‘Nothing Gold can stay’ by Robert Frost.  Its similar when he mentions how natures first green is gold. Resembling how beautiful and unimaginable  a moment of glory is made, and through experience can it be made more pure and clearer.   But the hardest part is how quickly it disappears and leaving only memories. Then form the time before you were acknowledged you were innocent and after your apothesis moment you would return to your innocence.  It was illustrated by, then leaf subsides to leaf and from that moment every thing returns to normal.


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