{October 12, 2009}   blog entry #11

Samsara is the is the endless cycle of suffering caused by birth, death and rebirth. It is usually under the concept of karma, what goes around comes around. Every time we are faced with ethical decisions we find ourselves with the question of, why not the other? It is only answerable through experience that we try to learn  from our weaknesses. Most of the time birth can be related to being innocent, accepting what the world throws at you and always wanting. Death can be related to when we experience the darkside of the world, for example when we stop receiving  assistance from our caregiver and have to learn to be independent.  Only then after experience it, we begin to view the world differently and to understand effort is needed to produce much. In realization we can recognize  rebirth because something new is learnt.

Samsara has been active in my life ever since I began my education. The concepts are all the same but its how I interpret and understand them. My birth is at the beginning of the year when I am eager to learn something new. But as the year progresses it becomes hard and confusing. It is the point where i find myself useless and almost dead, If i don’t understand them everything is miserable. When I take my time to go over the concepts on my own, I find enlightenment . This is where my rebirth occurs and feel I am back to my path of wanting to know.

The poem I found was by Whitman (1819-1892), ‘ When I heard the Learned Astronomer’ . . He spoke of the first time he heard of an astronomer, how he explained descriptively of his studies and findings.  This is similar to samsara at birth when you only receive information and not give back. The author continued to illustrate how tired he was about the data he was being given and boring to him, we could relate it to his point of death and mine too. He only noticed how beautiful his knowledge was when he took the time to step outside and gaze at the stars . By doing this he realized how beautiful it was and as the same way the astronomer had describedThis indicated rebirth, the author is trying to show tha only through experience can we understand and begin to appreciate. At a certain point in his time he experienced samsara and that in every leacture everything seems vauge at the beginning but in the end its something different.

I feel that  this concept of karma and samsara was shown by alicia keys when she sang, ‘karma’.  What goes around comes around just like the wheel of suffering, its a continuous process. Like in a relationship there comes a point where people dont see eye to eye  and the wrong doer wants the other to leave and when you do. He realises you where a bigger part of him then asks for forgiveness. She illustrates that it happens and the decison that is made determines your future. We as individuals have to learn form our mistakes if we dont it would always happen over and over again.


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