{October 8, 2009}   blog entry#11

Writing up research method and research design

According to the Language center the purpose of method section is to

  • clearly define how the data was obtained and analyze it
  • the method affects result as the reliability,  validity and concusion is obtained from it
  • methodology should define the reason for the method used
  • in the method section we should discuss our problem expectations and how to over come them
  • also discuss the problems we encountered and how we overcame them

common problems

  • irrelevant detail
  • unnecessary explanation of basic procedures
  • problem blindness

what to remember

  • audience
  • use of passive voice
  •  verb tenses should be consistent

Caprette(2007) mentioned that we should

  • report on methodolgy used and then describe it completely
  • to be concise and report the procedures taken to carry out the mthods used
  • if documented we should reference and report the procedure in detail
  • use normal prose when discussing the procedure

what to avoid

  • explaining the background of the method



Carpette, D. R. (2007). Writing Research Papers. Retrieved October 8, 2009 from


Language Center of Asian Institute of Technology. Writing Up Research: Method and Research Design. Retrieved October 8, 2009, from



hilliardbenjaminwnzq says:

Good clear concise summery

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