{October 6, 2009}   blog entry #13; Fable


Beneath you lies your happiness,

You identify yourself with actions,

With remorse and discipline,

Comes your intuition,


Like an ariel,

You hatch a golden egg,

Groomed in what is assumed to be a perfect nest,

Only made by what is given,


Calm without dispare ,

Guiding the living among the dead,

flocks of birds,

Follow with admiration,


Careful not to lead them astray,

When the sunsets,  a new home is made

From you they learn self sufficiency,

As you let your light shine,

 its received without doubt its from the heart.


Mark85 says:

Many health insurance plans ask patients to get a second opinion before they have certain operations that are not for an emergency. ,

Bob80 says:

Sometimes, they are encouraged to become involved by committed adults and organizations that believe that truly inclusive societies cannot leave out the young. ,

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