{September 30, 2009}   september 30, quiz

The musical in the woods was made up of fairy tale s that experienced most of their journey in the woods. In every journey there is a quest for exapmle the prince who had to search for his love Cinderella when she had ran away from him in the woods. Cinderellas prince and Rapanzels prince were both warriors because they were willing to forgo any circumstances to find their love even if it meant spending the rest of their lives doing so they would.

The witch was a magician who had cast a spell in the family line of the the bakers for serving themselves in the time of need.  She took away the will to reproduce life. Cinderella was a caregiver because she tolerated what her aunt asked of her without questioning.  The little red riding hood was the innocent because she trusted the wolf even if her mother forbade her to speak to strangers. 

In watership down the journey of the rabbits was experienced in the woods in the hope of finding a better outcome as so was the woods. For example The baker was in search of the elements which the witch told him to get inorder to break the spell and there in the woods he had to face his fears and learn new strategics.

 In the odyssey, Odysseus experienced his journey away from his comfort zone. All these tales had quests and the will to answer to the call or refuse the call. In which they all answered, cinderella had a helper who was the fairy whom she often refered to as her mother , jack had help from the old men, baker from witch who often drove him to face his fears and in watership hazel had fiver, In odyssey odysseus had humer. These tales have beginnings and endings that end in a positive manner by accopmlishing their goal and thats how they know their journey is completed.


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