{September 30, 2009}   blog entry #9

 Introductory paragraph

-the first few lines are the most crucial ones as they link and provide details of what the topic is about.

-which build up the thesis statement that should be informative and direct

first sentence should contain anecdotes, quotes, or trivial facts draw the readers attention for example use of surprising facts, humor , quotations.One of the ways to keep readers hooked is to use curiosity.


Grace Fleming ,The Introductory Paragraph, retrived September 30, 2009



Another approach to write a introductory paragraph is

  • In the first line  definition of topic and
  • the second sentence state  opinion towards the topic.
  • The third sentence is the bridge which makes a transition form general to specific details or thesis statement.

State the thesis statement

  • Outlines the body of the paper

Thredra Petkus, 2009, How to write a strong introductory pargraph is retrieved on September 30, 2009



mazurjessicapjqp says:

Hi Buhle! All of your information about intro paragraphs is correct. The intro is crucial to catching your audience and those were all good tips to do it. I was looking at the way you cited the websites though and noticed a few things. I believe you were doing APA formatting so you don’t put the authors first name, just their first initial so for Grace Fleming it would say: Fleming, G.(date of copyright). Name of article (in italics). Retrieved September 29, 2009, from (website)

Make sure you use periods after the authors name, the date, and name of article and then comma’s after the retieval date before the website link.

masilelabuhlebenkosinydq says:

ok, will correct it

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