{September 28, 2009}   Blog entry #8

Critically Analyzing Information Sources

Cornell University(2009) had the following  main points to consider when using sources as reference information

  • authors biographical information
  • date of publication
  • edition or revision- if its a revised article or origional text
  • publisher -place of publication indicates quality because most good resources are associated with a brand name
  • tiltle of journal-indicates level of complexity

Content of analysis in the source

  • intended audience
  • objective reasoning – validity, assumptions, supported evidence
  • coverage-does it cover your topic? Is it a primary or secondary source?
  • writing style-presentation of information and arguements introduced
  • evaluate reviews-the contributions made by the author if its a revised text from origional text

University of Oregon(2009) considered the following ideas used to evaluate the validity of a source;

  • authority of the author may include his qualifications and association to the topic
  • objectivity- does the author seem to be consistent with the arguement? Is his view viewpoint on the topic  refelcted evidently?
  • quality-format , grammar,accuracy and conclusion (gives a complete understanding of the topic from the auhtors point of view)
  • coverage-timely, suggests if your topic requires current or previous information
  • relevance-does it meet the requirements of your research 

I think the information obtained from the above sources on evaluating validity of information is similar, as they both seem to stress and emphasize the same points. When choosing information it is good to evaluate the source thoroughly because you would want to be as accurate as possible and give the audience information they would be able to relate to and find useful.


Cornell University Library. (2009). Critically Analyzing Information Sources. Retrieved September 27, 2009, from


University of Oregon.(2009).Critical evaluation of information Sources. Retrieved Septemcer 28.2009, form



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