{September 28, 2009}   Blog entry #7

An introduction contains a brief  description of the purpose of the research work and summarizes the layout of the paper. Its content may include objectives, aims, background, methodology and conclusion of the research. Therefore it lays out the research paper in context. A literature review discusses published information from selected resources in  a certain time period. Overall it takes raw data( annotated bibliography) and converts it into information (critical analysis). In addition to, it evaluates , clarifies its relevance to the question/subject area. The difference is that an introduction summarizes the content of the paper and its purpose. A  Literature review evaluates the relevance of the references.

An annotated bibliography  provides specific information about each source you have used. It encourages you to think critically about the content of the sources you are using and the  place that they hold within a field of study. It aso indicates  the relation to your own research and ideas linkage to your topic. The content helps to assess the usefulness of your sources and establishes the work as a valid source and it alos illustrates how  competent you are as a researcher.It also provides a way for others to decide whether a source will be helpful to their research if they read it.

An annotated bibliography simply summarizes the relevant information that is needed from the sources which would be cited and organized according to the use of the information gathered.  Firslty when gathering sources we refer back to the research question and see if they would be able to answer the question. The publication date would help us to know if the source is current or previous and will select the date which is in a time period within our question. The reliability of the source is taken from the authors intended audience and his background, especially from the message his trying to convey.

The authors publication place indicates who his audience is for, for example a womans magazine is used to voice women issues . Already his audience is known making it easier to know what kind of questions would be more absorbed by them. It is important to consider your audience when writing yhe introduction and literature review because from your audience your are able to gage what format to use, what their interest is and most importantly what impact would they have from acknowledging your work. From doing all this the chances of writing  a good paper are high because your sense of direction has already been layed out.


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