{September 25, 2009}   Blog entry#8

In the belly of the whale shows how at times in our journey we can be miss guided by our companions who feel that they’re better of not listening. If we don’t listen we end up in a trap that could have been avoided this kind of archtype is best described as a fool. In every being being a fool is more common than any other archtype because we never listen to our concious, which is right most of the time.  We’re in the belly of the whale when we max our cards on goods that could have delayed to  purchase but  because we ‘re impatient to sacrifice what we have.  We’re  left stranded and debtful to our guilt .

In watership down Cowslip doesnt say anything to Hazel about the humans leaving food in a an open area so as they can have access to it and grow to be healthy rabbits also putting traps to catch them. This keeps a consistent number of rabbits in the warren, even though Fiver is skeptical about the mixed emotions he has over the perfect environment. Hazel doesnt listen to Fivers advice and then bigwig got caught in one of the snares and only then did hazel and his companions decide to continue with their journey. If only they had listened to Fivers intuition they might have escaped the snares wrath. Another time is when Fiver warned Hazel of not going after the does in the farm yardin particular he was the one who was in great danger than the other companions  instead he went on and almost lost his life. When the humans had shot him and driven to a ditch undetected, the other rabbits believe his dead because he had risked his life in being a warrior to the new recruits to the family. Fiver found him almost half dead  and with no strength to get out on his own.

In the Odyssey Aeolus had given Odysseus a bag of winds to carry him but his men were so curious to have the power of strength . They took the bag while Odysseus was alseep and they opened the bag the winds blew them back to Aeolus Island. If only they had waited and asked Odysseus why he kept the bag so close they wouldnt have caused  such a storm. Aeolus refused to help them when they got back and they found them selves taking a longer route to get back on the journey.   In the movie Pirates of the Carribean , The curse of the Black Pearl.

 Jack Sparrow was always perceived as the fool beacause he never seemed to care for anyones life but as long as he got what he wanted especially on the tone of his voice put every one off. Most of the people thought he was bluffing when he spoke of hidden treasure under the sea and the existence of the ship Black pearl. The existence of a William Turners’ blood would unlock the curse, but no one thought he had a descendant. If only Captain Barbarossa had listen to Jack the first time he spoke of it  he wouldnt have had to fight him for his life. But he didnt in the end he was in the belly in chosing to trust anyone or not when Will told him that the last coin was placed in the chest. Yet Jack had it in the whole time and  Barbarossa lost his life because the curse was broken.

The poem ‘I’m nobody! Who are you?’ illustrates the author silencing his companion, if he spoke they would have been sent away . But he speaks not only words but his name so as to be identified. From which they’re noticed and displayed in front of their fears so as to face them. Which do justice to them leaving themselves stranded and designated. The poem is similar to the belly of the whale because both companions of the heroes are told to reserve themselves but they do the opposite and attract what the’re running from.


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