{September 22, 2009}   Blog entry#7

Limen is the  threshold of a physiological or psychological response. In watership down a severe anxity had filled the rabbits after leaving their birth warren and beginning a new journey to a safer land. After running a long distance from their chief rabbits guards they decided to rest in a fern meanwhile dandelion  told a story and when it was finished they saw a lendri who was druling at them. Since they were not aware of  its danger the rabbits ran  whilst being lead by bigwig through the fern and came to a stream. When they had noticed that the lendri wasnt on their tail anymore they stood by the bank to regain some direction. 

 Bigwig then told hazel that was a nice surprise or was he expecting it when he decided to take them through the woods. Hazel realized from his tone of voice that bigwig would be troublesome but not a coward.And still be steady as long as he could stay clear of his way . In response hazel flattered him in acknowledging his speed and basic instinct. What bigwig didnt understand was that together as a group the rabbits should look out for each other and not question the overseer for not being aware. This was going to be journey for all and whoever could assist should do so.

In the Odyssey Penelope has stalled the hand in marriage of any man in the kingdom for a while now and Telemachus seeks the help of this fathers advisors but they reject him. He is left to go in seek of his fathers well being. When Telemachus is welcomed by king Menelaus and hears of his fathers status, he wishes to go find him. Telemachus is aware of the way the advisiors take on wanting to find his father and his mother deceiving them of their hand in marriage. They decide to wait for him when he returns so as to kill him  because he has turned against them yet Telemachus just wants his father. He now knows he has to take the journey alone.

In color purple Celie Harris has children fathered by her step father whom he takes them away before she can see them. She has lived an abusive childhood and her journey begins when her mother died at an early age and she is married of to Albert Johnson who has eyes for her younger sister Nettie. Celie raises Alberts children but still emotionally shes’ racked and Albert controls her life to silence and she submits to it beacuse she has no choice. The limen is seen when she takes what shes being given and says nothing.

In  101 Great American poems I choose the ‘ First fig’. When beggining a journey one knows that there is an end and it wont last long but t in the end I would reach  my destination. As in when the candle burns in both ends, it wont last because most resources are used at the same time. But what gives the light is important so is the purpose of the journey and we can choose to make the most of the journey or let it be dull. But when we have our companions around, the journey is made easier this decision is made clear in the beginning of the journey.  The response of the friends is to accompany. The limen is seen when we choose our companions and the reaction they would give to the thought.


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