{September 20, 2009}   Blog entry #6

The time I had supernatural aid was before I started this fall semester. I dont really know what to call it but its related to dreams, most of the time they are not clear but just send a specific message. For example if theres is a tough time ahead I would dream of darkness or being in an atmosphere of uncertainity. If all of a sudden I find myself having the need to communicate with someone, that person is going to be in a bad situation. In the beginning of the semester I had the same dream three times in a row. I would dream running out of breathe and then wake up out of breathe, the second was my past had caught up with me and it was chaotic. The last one was the combination of the two and from what I noticed was I’m terrible with time management to the extent its stresses me out. Now thats what I’m experiencing but I’m trying a new approach to work it out. So far I am getting the hang of it, therefore my dream was warning me of the tough semester ahead and working with what I can.

In the Odyssey, Hermes Zeus’ Herald had came to warn Odysseus of the wrath of Circes craft. Unless he followed his instructions he would be under her spell.  If he listened he would be protected by the godly charm from harm in whuch he gave him the moly. When he reached the stone house Circes welcome him and gave him  the potion to drink as she raised her wand Odysseus drew his  sword and held it against her throat. Following Hermes instrustions  he was protected from the spell. She fainted and immediately knew it was Odysseus and remembered Hermes warning her of him.  Odysseus was able to have Circes free his men of the spell but in return he was to marry her.

 In watership down Fiver was known to have a sixth sense of being able to sense danger when it was about to arise.  When he had the intuition that the warren was going to be attacked and destroyed he was able to save those who were wiling to leave the warren to the place of safety thr watership down a hill that was  further than they had anticipated. In return they had to encounter cowslips warren in which the rabbits lived in  fear of humans who laid traps for them and gave them food so as to have more flesh. Also in search for does’ in a farm which Fiver forbid because he knew of the danger of the cats and dogs  that protected the breed rabbits. At his second visit he won’t be lucky but hazel didnt listen and indeed he almost lost his life in small ditch.

Dr do-little had the ability to hear animals and conveyed to the world what problems animals faced. Especially what affected them when they were ill , since he was a medical doctor. Majority of the world thought his ability should be exploited and one of the first animals he aided was the owl which had a stick stuck in its wing which prevented it to fly. But once it was removed  it  felt better and was able to fly. The poem I felt reflected the supernatural aid was ‘The arrow and the song’. When the writer shot the arrow in the air she sang a song which guided it to a frient, the oak. It was still unbroken and the distance it had travelled was amazing. It beacuse she could not follow or see where the arrow landed and suprisingly in the least expected places. The song indireclty pointed the arrow to whom the song was meant for and theres’ a possibilty that the oak loved this particular and was awaitng for its friend to find him.  The supernatural aid was the song, the force from the girl had no ability to send it thus far because she was surprised to walk such a distance to find the arrow not broken. Also to find a lost friend was more than what she anticipated.


smithchristikprp says:

I agree that your dreams are your aid. A friend of mine always has dreams about people dying and the way they die, a week or so before it happens. Most people don’t believe her, but I do and she always tells me when she has one. Then a week or so later someone dies the way she said they would.

bartonbrandonsbrp says:

I think it’s different that you said your dreams were your super natural aid because I thought that most people don’t remember their dreams, I never have at least.

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