{September 18, 2009}   APA formatting

What I learnt

  • stucture of an APA style

          1. introduction


          3. the body

         4. references

  • tiltle page

             1. has to be centred

           2. 5 levels of heading and have to be in hierarchy


  • handling quoted material

         1.has to be in quoted marks, and then continued into my own words. But if the paragraph is longer 40

            than  words    it has to be blocked

          2.when citing a blocked quotation, the parenthetical reference is placed outside the period rather than inside

  • citing a website

            It has to have the adress parenthetically

  • order of sources

            list references alphabetically

            by author,  year, book title, periodic title and publication information

  • order of information

             makes refernce easier

  •  reference to an article

sample references

  1. in-text citing     *just state the author and what he illustrated  

a..structuring your paper enables an individual to have some direction and organization of information

b..citing is important so as to not plagiarize  and acknowledge the work of the origional writer

c…making references allows the reader to proof read and learn what iformation was abstracted and the reference to the topic

d…multiple drafts help with improving data ,analysis and grammar

e….when skimming through the paper you can already pick up the points that are relevant



M Plonsky, 2007, Psychology with style, a hyper text writing guide, university of winscosin


I changed my whole proposal and outline because I was confused on what to write . My lay out was informal and not concise, I couldn’t relate to what was required of me.  I am still confused on heading my pages and placing my quoted material, if I should change the font size or style. In my abstract what kind of information should I put.


mazurjessicapjqp says:

Hey Buhle! So one little grammar error..At the beginning it should say learned not learnt. Just one little thing I caught but moving on…That is very good information on APA formatting, I kept the link to refer back to myself. You seem to already be experiencing your part d. which was about multiple drafts since you wrote your proposal again but it will come I am just trying to stay positive with all of this and I am sure you will be fine too! 🙂

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