{September 17, 2009}   Ballad

The Refusal


Infront of you lies my sins

Tormenting me to sleepless nights

Worn out of misery

I glare at your purity


When thousand of words decribe your facial expression

To utter sunder, I refrain

The dark world I have created

Has walls that forbid entry


To move from my comfort zone

I shall not

The wisdom you proclaim

I can’t digest and won’t confess


magrudersultanrqyp says:

I love this poem!!! My favorite part has to be the 2nd stanza, “…the dark world i have created has walls that forbid entry…” I have in my own life built up walls which allowed the outside world no entry. It was hard for me to receive the call to leave my mother when she was struggling with drugs, in and out of jail; My godmother wa always encouraging me to live with her, but my world was so dark, i had shut out so many people and their advice that no one could tell me anything. As you said in your last stanza, though my living situation was dysfunctional, it was my comfort zone and anywhere beyond that is a scary place. Well done

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