{September 15, 2009}   Blog entry#5

imagesThe call

When beginning a journey one answers to a call  that has drawn them to listen. In watership down Fiver had an intuition of something bad was going to happen and that danger was around the corner.He beagan to dream about swimming across a river and that scared him because not seen one that big before. His friend Hazel began to worry because what ever his friend preminitioned on became true. They decided to go and alert the rabbit chief who in turn refused to hear  of it becausehe had great faith in his fellow rabbits for protection. It was now up to Hazel to decide to leave the warren and lead the other rabbits who were willing to journey with him into safety and a better land. As long as fiver was there to hint that they were in right direction it would be fine. So they thought……In the Odssey, Athena the goddess of war requested Telemachus to go in search of his father. Whom people assumed to be dead. Yet he was in a lonely island of Calypso , meanwhile young man in the kingdom were seeking the hand in marriage of his mother Penelope.

The film ‘Great debators’ illustrates the call when Melvin B Tolson had to lead a debate team of Wiley College during the 1930s when the great depression was at hand. Also to place his team at par with the white people of american south. the finla destination was to deabte with the best deabate team which turned out to be Havard University. In those times  black people were the minority, and to lead them to victory was a trumendous deal. Therefore Melvins’ call was to lead the debate team through research in the topics to be discussed about as well as fight resentment of those who were against the idea of black people suceeding and dealing with teenagers who would be scared and  their parents giving little support at the beginning. When I was about to come to college my mother wanted me to choose a career in nursing but my brother and I decided that I do Accounting.  The reason to my mothers decision was based on the fact that most of my relatives had ventured into nursing and were content with their choice. At first I thought it wasn’t a bad idea but the problem was science was not my friend yet on the other hand dealing with numbers was a gift.  I hesitated on taking accounting because I wanted to make my mother happy but my brother asked me if it was what I really wanted, after talking to one of my high school advisors. Who in turn  adviced that I take accounting because I wouldnt want to be stuck in a job that I hated  and had little interest in the process , while accounting would be something I would grow to understand and appreciate. After taking a couple of classes with one of the student teachers to enlighten me what it was about I definitely knew this is what I had been waiting for.

The poem I found is titled ‘We wear the mask ‘ byPaul Laurence Dunbar. I belive that life in its self is a journey which we as individuals are bound to take. The journey its self is determined by which road we take and the call we are going to answer to. This poem reflects this by illustrating  when we wear the mask it is an indication that the journey is going to be taken by everyone. Each individual has their own image which they could be identified by. When we wear a mask it hides our true being and therefore at a certain point in time everyone has to wear it as they transit into  a calling. It never is clear on what we are going to come across or have to fight, as the poem implies it when the author says the mask hides our cheeks and eyes. The emotions we go through are ours and ours alone, the people we meet, we pretend to them that all is well . Yet nothing seems to make sense. The call is answered when we begin to show emotions like crying and then we wear the mask that is we begin of the journey. We are entiltled to refuse the call by singing  which is the opposite of crying but we answer when we get tortued and cry. The people we may meet think that that we  know what we are doing  but we wear the mask either way. It is because we know its a passing phase and we need to get to our final destination. When we show emotions may be perceived as a sign for weekness.


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