{September 11, 2009}   Blog entry#3

An archetype is a type of character that constantly re-ossurs in stories, myths and dreams and therefore a pattern is formed that can be notified. Archetypes have a certain element of truth and mine was the caregiver. Care giver is able to provide comfort  when in need and assist when help is needed.The problem with being a caregiver people at times take advantage of your kindness and use it for their own benefit. For instance if an individual doesnt feel like doing their chores they may lie and pretend they’re sick and have the caregiver do it for them. In general I am a good listener and if I feel like your worthy of the assistance I would help but with every action I question the outcome.A monomyth is a journey which a main character of the story travels in.

In the novel watership the hero was Hazel and his mentor Fiver. His quest was to get his fellow companions to safe land and his task was to survive. In the battle of good and evil , the rabbits had to find a way to be far from unusual creatures with the help of Fiver to some extent they were able to. Their journey was to grow dependent towards each for safety and explore new things with caution for example a rabbit make look like them but it doesnt mean they have the same intentions. Therefore anyone new is an enemy until proven otherwise. In odyssey, Odyssius was in a journey to return home but he had to learn how to tactful. His mentor athena and his magic wepaon was his instincts and sword.

The movie I AM LEGEND. The hero is Neville who is immune to a virus and he had a companion Sam his dog. His quest was to find solutions to the problems in his future as well as of manknind. The task he fortook was to find the cure  of the virus. He manged to do this by doing some labtests at his home basement . The creature of nightmare that he ahd to fight against was humans infected with the virus who had turnedto monsters that will hunt for survival and their speed, strength and irrational thinking had increased .In his journey he had to fight these  monsters who had kiiled his companion and during his research he had found a woman who had been infected with the virus but her abilities hadnt grown to full capacity. In seeking revenge for the death of his dog he was rescued by other survivors who he managed to sacrifice his life to save the human race. In which the cure he was looking for was with him all the time. The woman who had been infected. The death and rebirth was shown when Neville passed on and the cure for the disease was found.


smithchristikprp says:

I think it’s good that you always question the outcome. You have to know if people deserve help and if you can trust them. I should probably question the outcome more often, but I tend to act without thinking.

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