{September 11, 2009}   genres of research writing


According to the document there are two types of genres of research writing arguemantitive and  analytical research paper. In the argumentative paper the researcher begins by clearly introducing the topic and acknowledging the position in which he stands in concerning the topic he has chosen. The key factor to this paper is that it should be a debatable meaning the writer should be able to discuss on the prons and cons of the topic. At the same time weigh his findings an, answer his question and be convincing  that his opinion stands.   As well as not to be offensive to those who would be reading it. Analytical paper the student is guided by the question in which they ask but has no position to which side is she on. Therefore her information and data collected would be able to reflect her answer to the question and be able to intepret  it and let her audience see what she is trying to put across them.

The two topics I choose were Xenophobia and Africa. I choose them because to them personally I can relate   to them and I have many questions I would like to answer as I research on the topics. Xenophobia intrigued me because only few people who have not encounted it know about. Its a pandemic that is real and still happens and the reasons are because as the economy is deteriorating, so is the resources available to sustain people as a nation. People get frustrated when they find out a man of different color than mine has better resources than I have, a better job and most of all he doesnt go hungry and the probability that his a foreigner is 75%. Then people begin to think If only that man didnt exist andif only he went back to his origional counrty. The only possible way to get him home is to cause bodily harm. For every other man I meet, who is not from my tribe I blame him for my misfortunes. With these ideas  growing in peoples minds it becomes an issue and they find it better to solve it themselves. By burning  them and chasing them away from their homes hoping they would not come back.  The other question is where do the victimized and innocent go since their documentation is burned down with the rest of their belongings and where would they begin to restore their lifes and emotions. As well as what measures are the government going to take to protect them as well as how are they going to control it.   This is one of the reasons why Xenophobia begins and in my paper I would use analytical   approach beacuse these are facts which need to be addressed and to look at countries which have been affected by this  for example South Africa . I see myself completing these research paper by viewing my opinions as the conclusion in accordance to the findings and data found. Especially to a reaction of a picture/art of the violence taking place, the reponses from different individuals would help to illustrate  what theyy think of xenophobia and their reaction to it.

The topic Africa deals with the draw backs  that occured and made it delay in technology, a decreased growth rate in the business sector and deserted areas of interest such as a strong hold in sporting activites.  Seeing that most of the presidents hold more than  20yrs in old term in the presidency seat. If  the will to change and offer other potential candiates would make a difference, since generations change, wldnt it be better to change with them and maybe new ideas that may change the course of oppression and hope. The majority of the people are scattered all over the world as they try to find greener pastures.  Most of the countries in africa had reached recession before it hit the first world countries, reason could have been lack of resources which caused an inbalance in demand and supply causing an increase in price and leading to inflation. Most of the documentation would be taken from articles and surveys on peoples opinion on these failed states. This would be an analytical research paper because  I would be able to compare and contrast different countries in africa on their growth for the past 10 years and what circumstances did they have to come across. Those who managed to grow even if its in a small percentage what different strategy did they tackle that other countries failed to point out and how did it work. Also what advantages led them to notice a few mistakes. Qualitaitve research also gives more information to analyze and amke the research more clear and concise.

site above was taken from

 Purdue University by its writing lab. Genre and Research Paper


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