{September 9, 2009}   blog entry #2

5 research topics

In each topic to answer the following questions:

What exactly do I want to know more about ?

Why is this topic important?

How can I bring something new to the research/discussion topic?

What would my research question be?

What kind of research paper could I write about this?

1) Apartheid

In South Africa it affected different  races from different angles and I would like find out If color/culture played a bigger role on the harsh terms thrown to them. If so did it isolate the country as a whole from those who co-operated. Which resistant techniques did the people develop to start their walk to freedom. Its important because today as south africa stands racism seems to be the strongest hold from allowing them to let the past lie. Are the wounds deep enough to be healed? Is there possibility that the problems being faced by the society is an outrage to insecurity and fear.

The use of pictures, documentation analysis and surveys would help to bring in more information  to the research. The research question is ” How did the apartheid system affect the minority  and why did the homeland system agree to such terms?”


If xenophobia is tribalism , fear or racism. How does it change the view of our progress as nation, those victimized do they stay or relocate to a new area. Its important beacuse it a physical and inhumane act caused to man by man. To live in fear is like not living at all because one is always looking behind their shoulder for danger which may come at any moment. Much of the xenophobia was witnessed in south africa towards their fellow men who were from neighbouring countries like malawi, mozambique and zimbabwe. 

Critical documentation analysis  and observation, interviews, statistical data would bring about more information.  Research question is ‘What is the relationship between xenophobia and racism in South Africa? . It would be analytical paper .

3)Initiation ritual

The paths taken by a male for a ritual in different cultures especially venda, xhosa and suthu. Are there any similarities and differences in each ritual, since their end result is a transformation from a boy to a man. Moslty does that apply to the society of today who have been exposed to many influences and opinions. Its important because it stimulates the way in which a man should live and strengthen his mind and body. this research is mainly from documented journals, articles and interviews. Research question is ‘What are the paths taken  by a male through rituals in venda, xhosa and suthu?’ Research paper is mostly analytical.

4) Diet pills

How do individuals have the ability to use the pills without doctors prescription since metabolism rates are different and each individual uses a type of pill. What are the side effects of not using the pills which are in comparable to the metabolism rate and health . Interviews maybe more accurate and experimentation to produce the results. Research question is ‘Why do diet pills fail and what effect does it have if patients change their prescription without  consultation?’This is important because many women find themselves  in hospital for overdose and i would like to know if there wasnt any information made available to them for directions. Or the patients did it in their own free will. This paper would mostly in comparison to pssibilities and cons and analytical.


Africa is mostly made up of third world countries with failed states. Most of the countries have a potential for harvesting good agricultural crops at a point in time they had the resources to mass produce and sustain themselves. I would like to know how did the leaders manage to allow for such change. If their leadership style played a big role in delaying catching up with the current first world countries. Is it their lack of financial aid or knowledge of waht to do next. Its important because afriaca has a quite a number of population sitting idle with no means of source of income and lost. Data would be collected from surveys, documentation and interviews. Research question is ‘What hindered Africas economic growth and progress ?’. The paper would be  very analytical.


mazurjessicapjqp says:

Buhle, your ideas for topics were very interesting. The only issue I had while reading through was the amount of typo’s and unfinished thoughts. I had to read over some of the sentences a few times in order to try and figure out what you were saying. Maybe reading over it outloud before turning it in would help work out those kinks..that’s what I do and my roommates make fun of me but whatever works! The topics are cool though I’m interested to see which one you pick!

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