{September 4, 2009}   Teen poem

                                                    I stare at piles of books,

                                                         To open or to leave,

                                          Will time be forgiving or will it be lost,

                                            Is another page opened or a lighter load?,

                          Will tomorrow be better if I closed my eyes for a moment,

                                                        Forgive me if Iam confused,

                                                           As hesitation is bestowed.


magrudersultanrqyp says:

I really like this poem. I speak for most people when it seems that there is a lot of work and there seems to be not enough time. I just really love reading your poem because it shows all of the emotions that you have for this class and you are not alone in these feelings. I know that things will get better and you should probably keep your eyes open because you don’t want to miss anything in this class because i think it will be worth while.

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