{September 4, 2009}   Research writing

What is Research Writing?  What does it mean to be a research writer ? How are research questions developed?


This document has analysed the University Of Wisconsin Budget  system. In which it looks at the allocation of funds, from whom it receives and what it spends the funds on. In its expenditure it has managed to reward its students and community in helping out with improving its educational system upgrade. Its sources of funds were from state , student tuition, hospitals, auxillaries and receipts from small projects. Most of its data was collected from its financial department and calculating monetary value  from previous years making it equivalent to toadys worth. Graphs , charts were made and incooperated with statistical data to make it clear and presented with much information for the research. In their finding the state funds had declined even though there was an increase in students enrolled and increse in tuition to cover for essential exepense. This made them restrict their spending and the conclusion was their buying power would continue to decline as long as the state funds continued to decline as their funds were limited to their strategies.

Research writing is the ability to answer a question from a selected topic in which data is collected a number of resources. The answer is not only limited to the data but to the view given and conclusion made.        A research writer is able to intepret and select the data  they need and find useful and resourceful to their audience. At  the same time analyzing and coming to a solid conclusion. Research questions are developed from the data collected from the topic which the writer is interested in.

Research Philosophy

It is to provide data that is acknowledged by other students and find useful. In which they would use   as reference if needed to. My interest is to be heard and listen to, which would help to improve the skills that already exist. and give self expression. My approach is to gather as much resources as I can  and narrow down to relevant information so as to give a better  review and paper.                       



hilliardbenjaminwnzq says:

Buhle first thing your summery was good clear and to the point. On the other hand I can quite pin down what you are trying to say in your philosophy. Can you clearify what your major points are?

mazurjessicapjqp says:

The last to parts of your blog were well written and made sense but I am not understanding where the first part fits in with what is research writing ect. I might just not be getting what is being said, which is honestly quite possible. But I didn’t see anything in that part of your blog answering those questions but it was interesting information for sure.

mazurjessicapjqp says:

okay okay so I’m an idiot! Last night it was so late and I was looking for it to flat out say it like mine but it definitely didn’t have to! Oh my sorry about that..It was research information but it does sound very good, again sorry that I was looking for it to flat out say “research writing..” Good approach!

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