{September 4, 2009}   Blog entry #2

A hero within lies among friends , colleagues or enemies. In my circle a hero was found in Lwazi Sithole, a friend and brother. His journey began when a tragic event which made him to open his  mind and adapt to the surroundings he once could see. He lost his sight in the company of loved ones, with no illness or injury for it just  disappeared. He refused to be left behind no matter how unacceptable and realistic it was. With a bruised ego, survival was the key element. From the time he was born to his early adulthood everything seemed normal with no trace of abnormalities or illness. But one holiday as he was about to approach his late 20s he took a trip to a usual spot in South Africa, all of a sudden  he became blind. We all thought somtehing  got to his eyes but nothing changed, immediatly home was the final destination. As devastating as it seemed all physicians came with the same result, we found nothing wrong.

For he was in good career and social standing, he never shed a tear or opened up to express emotions. Lwazi just began to withdraw  from friends, depression trickled and he lost friends because they thought, what use is he to them when he wasn’t communicating. After a while reality dawned in , he began to learn how to walk with a stick and read braille. Though everything seemed bleak he had to come to terms with the possibility of regaining what he had lost. Especially his  self- esteem, to learn to take advantage of the other senses, came naturally when he gradually opened the door to the world.

Over a period of two years Lwazi began to travel again and not to seem to care as to what people thought of him. Even if how dull the day is, he has a way of lightening up because his grown to appreciate the simplest things in life. To me his  a hero because he managed to fight emotional roller coasters, which could have led to suicide. To be able to listen to peoples views and questions over and over again without being able to do anything about it. For all the what ifs, maybes’ and  could haves: rushing through his head because if it were me I would have been a wreck. To have your old friends talk and look at you differently and treat you worthlessly as if it was your fault. It was unbearable, I chose to treat him indifferently and accept him. Even if its not up to everyone to have the same compassion. He grew stronger and more open minded than before. A hero made…


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